Rhetorical Analysis: “Doctors Brace for Zika Babies”


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In an article called Doctors Brace for Zika Babies written by Perri Klass in The New York Times, the author states that doctors in the United States are preparing for the births of children possibly infected the zika virus or any zika related health concerns. Perri Klass states her point very effectively using elements of unity and writing techniques to support and illustrate her point.
One writing technique Klass uses very well is having credible sources to back up her content in the article. Throughout her piece she hyperlinks eight sources, all of which I checked are credible. When she is mentioning facts and states some statistics of the number of  zika virus cases in the united states, that were published not to long ago she hyperlinks the words latest statistics to the Center of Disease Control and Prevention page.
” as of Sept. 15, list 1,348 pregnant women with “any  laboratory evidence of possible Zika virus infection” in United States territories and 749 in United States.”
Brazil Zika Birth Defects
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The quote above is from Klass’s article which is credible because it came from a credible source, the statistics above are all mentioned on the webpage hyperlinked to this information, a government ran website.
She also organizes her piece adequately using elements of unity making her article flow flawlessly. Klass uses repetition throughout this article she says zika 14 times, pediatric 13 times,and children 13 times.she uses repetition as a element of unity to keep the organization and so the readers can comprehend the material said. Using repetition helps to build up organization as well as categorizing, since she says of a lot of medical lingo such as “pediatric, neonatology, neurology, ophthalmology, and  orthopedics”. These informative health lingo can give information and build into the categories of words that help shape the organization, as it correctly builds off the paragraph previous to it.
Another effective tactic she uses is making her piece media friendly. Being media friendly is a must on all websites and media pages. People as lazy as Americans come do not want to read one big hunk looking article. Readers want to read something that looks like less reading anyway it could still be all the same information, but sense the piece is so broken up it looks like less reading as well as less intimidating to readers.
I counted that her article is broke up into eighteen paragraphs having a substantial amount of white space. She has broken up each paragraph so that each paragraph has a new type information or stat in it, making it eye catching for readers to continue reading on. Another thing she does being media friendly is singling out important information into their own paragraphs/ sentences from the paragraph above it. Klass touching on the zika virus a fresh and new problem to the researchers in the United States. This is a situation I have a problem with but I am trying to adjust to it, since being media friendly is all new to me.
Klass is touching on the zika virus, a fresh and new problem to the researchers in the United States . Klass touches on just the right amount of information to inform their reader and is great at organizing  her work effectively. She is a writer on The New York Times for all the reasons mentioned above along with many others. Experienced writers use multiple types of writing strategies to help shape up their pieces and Klass is an experienced writer that demonstrates these qualities so well, making her a credible source to retain information from.



The Zika virus coming to a town near you

The Zika virus, which first appeared in 2015 in Latin America, the Gulf States, and the Caribbean areas, has now taken on a bigger horizon into the United States. This virus, not yet having a cure or vaccination shot is causing problems all over the world but most recently the United States. Mosquitos love to buzz around where the weather is nice and hot so it is no wonder why they have become so popular in the news lately and these past couple of months.
I believe that everyone should be further educated on the Zika Virus, anywhere from prevention to getting the virus because you never know when the Zika virus is coming to a town near you.
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Information about the Zika Virus is very important to know about because it can infect anybody from men to women and even to an unborn child in a pregnant woman’s body. This virus being able to infect anyone is an issue because there is a world full of human beings and soon to be human beings that can get infected. The more awareness raised about the Zika virus the better because then people can take more precaution to not get infected.
Many people do not know much about the Zika virus because it is only now coming into the United States. As stated before a year ago from this time now, approximately last years 2015 summer, the Zika virus was first only appearing in Latin America, the Gulf States, and the Caribbean areas; so it was not as urgent for United States researchers to lay down the groundwork to find a cure or vaccination of some type. Times have changed and a year has gone by, now its summer 2016 and there have been cases of the Zika virus in the United States, places such as Florida and New York.  There are precautions you can take as of right now at home to stop the contracting/spreading of the Zika virus:
  1. If pregnant do not go to locations where Zika virus have been found.
  2. Another if you are pregnant or is sexually active, please use a condom when having intercourse with your partner; if yourself or your partner has visited places where Zika virus have been found or traveled outside of the country to a place where Zika is. This precaution is to be taken because the virus can be transmitted sexually.
  3. Last tip is to wear more long sleeve clothing/ clothing that covers more surface area of the skin.
These are only a few of the at home precautions you can make to withhold from the Zika virus.
Some questions I have for this topic that I would eventually want to know the answer about would be quite a few things but the top questions are the following. The first question would be, how close are we to finding a cure? Another question would be how long does this virus live in your body? And what in the Zika virus leads to the harm of babies while in the womb of their mother who has contracted the virus? These are just three questions that I have about the Zika virus, though I wish to learn much more so I can share it with you all.