Getting Tested for the Zika Virus is Harder than You Think

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In an article written by Roni Caryn Rabin, Want a Zika Test? It’s Not Easy, on The New York Times, is an article informing us that it is not easy to get the Zika virus test. Real United States citizens are being denied of getting tested for the zika virus because of the back load on the demand for the test. There are now particular guidelines placed in order to get the test, one of which being that you have to be already pregnant and have gone to infected areas outside or inside the United States, or if you’re showing signs that you may have the virus, though most people infected show no symptoms.
Commenters on this article have taken quite a strong stance, most people believe that everyone should have access to take this test, while a smaller percentage of commenters do not see it as a issue that not all Americans have access to this testing upon demand before they are pregnant or show symptoms.
Strong opinions are stated in the commentary section. Pamela B a user that commented on this article mentioned that getting this test as a precaution to see if you should get pregnant is an extent of even being a responsible human, by trying your best to bring a healthy child into this world. This user when she is saying that getting the test/ wanting to take it as a precaution makes someone a responsible person because it is a need to know situation. If you are carrying the zika virus when you are trying to conceive a baby the zika virus can intensely change a fetuses brain development.
Another opinion that stands behind the reason why all Americans should have access to this test is because the U.S. has made Zika such a big safety risk  user by the name of Bss mentioned their concern in the comments on how can Americans not be anxious and worried that they have the virus when zika protection tips and advisory not to visit into zika infected areas is everywhere on the news. It only makes sense to be worried about your own self when contracting the zika virus is a high risk.
Photo taken from Google Images   
Some commenters have no hold back of their opinions online. A user named Liz has her own mind to speak on why not all Americans should have testing upon demand “Some of us are actively pregnant (20 weeks here), and are still waiting for our own Zika test results. For me, it has been 14 weeks. 14 weeks of waiting, and still no answer. My apologies if I am not deeply sympathetic to those who just wish to plan ahead. First, let’s deal with the backlog of actual pregnant people.” Liz as she just stated has no compassion  towards women who want to get the test before they get pregnant because she already being pregnant is still waiting to hear her results because of the load of patients getting tested.
These users commenting take their opinions to form a majority group of people that believe everyone should have access to zika virus testing. This may not be a possibility that can happen right now, but hopefully more health care providers are given equipment to perform these test and more labs open up where the test can be administrated. This topic of the testing being available to all will probably stay as a debate until the testing is available to everyone upon request.


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