To Spray or Not to Spray Mosquitos

Photo taken from Google Images

For the next four posts, I want to explore the question of whether spraying mosquitos is the most effective way to deal with the zika virus. Places, like Florida, have recently been sprayed with poison for the mosquitos, Floridians and environmentalists are demanding to halt the usage of chemical sprays drizzled into their air and homes. I want to find out what are the other solutions to help lower the numbers and get rid of mosquitos that are infected with zika virus.

This is an issue now since the zika virus is still trying to be put under control. Places like Florida have been sprayed with chemicals via airplane to kill mosquitos in area. The government is using the spray as a substance to help stop the spread of the zika virus but the citizens in that area are not satisfied because of the power the chemical holds and what it is also doing.

Opponents want to ban chemical sprays to kill mosquitos because of the harmful components in the spray, while supporters want to continue spraying the mosquitos to immediately kill offspring and mosquitos in the area that could possibly be caring zika virus. Naled being the main ingredient in the spray that the citizens are unhappy about, Naled is a chemical that “Affects the enzymes that control muscle contraction” says The New York Time post on the chemical spraying over florida for zika virus control. The same New York Time post stated that “Overdoses can cause vomitng, seizures and loss of consciousness. At extreme doses, from a spill for example, victims lose their ability to breathe, and die.” That is what Naled can do because the chemical is so strong to us humans.

For the supporting side the government is using the spray as a money saving venue to get rid of mosquitos carrying the virus. Brazil making bioengineered misquotes and are planning on releasing them to get rid of the zika virus. Brazil obviously is choosing a new and more expensive route to get rid of zika virus carrying mosquitos.”it’s too early to tell how much the mosquitoes will cost if they are reared on a much larger scale. “It’s only when you roll up your sleeves and build a factory that you know what your costs are.”” but right now the mosquitos are “$1.1 million over 2 years” of cost in the area they are treating.

Naled the chemical they are using in the spray is one killing spray that the mosquitos have not adapted to yet there by making it effective in killing the mosquitos. Sprays already being used and sold in stores are not as effective given some have adapted to the more commonly used chemicals.

The opposing side has come to show that the sprays are also killing other insects such as the bumblebee, “Spraying Naled can kill bees outside of their hives at the time of spraying; therefore, spraying is limited to dawn or dusk when bees are inside their hives.” That statement is coming from a government ran website Centers for Disease Control and Prevention This is extremely harmful to our eco system since bees are already endangered, as stated above not all bees can be saved during the spraying because not all will be in their hives.


There are just the same as good and bad reason on whether or not spray pesticides are the best way to deal with the zika virus. The government states that this direction is safe an FDA approved while in correct dosage,but citizens and environmentalist are still not happy with this usage.


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