We Need to STOP Spraying Pesticides on Zika Virus Mosquitos


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After heavily researching both sides of an argument on whether spraying mosquitos is the most effective way to deal with the zika virus, I have came to the conclusion in which I believe that, spraying land with pesticides to decrease the amount of zika virus carrying mosquitos is not effective because the benefits do not out weigh the negative health risks.

The horrible health risks that the spray causes as mentioned before, in my last article on aerial spraying on mosquitos not effective, naled the chemical used in this spray can cause respiratory problems and other implications that can ultimately resort in death.

Although the pesticide can kill some zika virus carrying mosquitos, further research has shown that the spray can lead to autism. From The Institute For Natural Thinking(INH) webpage, it states that “They looked at an area of New York state. In neighborhoods with aerial spraying, one in 120 children was diagnosed with autism or developmental delays. In areas without aircraft pesticide application, only one in 172 kids had such problems.”This spray relating to autism multiple times is a linked result to the growth of autism in certain cities.

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In an earlier post called Aerial Spraying Mosquitos, A Key Component I said that spraying for the zika virus reduce both young and adult mosquitos, but now with further research I see that that information is incorrect. On health website I saw that it states “Spraying affects adults, but it does not usually kill the immature forms — the eggs and larvae,’ said [study co-author Dr. Robert] Tesh. As a result, ‘spraying will reduce transmission, but it may not eliminate the virus.” This statement proves my old research incorrect on how the spray helps the zika virus situation.

Government officials need to also stop lying about the powers the pesticides have during the sprays on Miami New Times website there is an article in which points out the lies that the Miami Department of Health have made. When a question came up, asking if the naled is banned in Europe the officials answered back saying “No that is not true.” The answer that the officials gave back is a complete lie and the Miami new times had no problem pointing them out and proving them wrong.

What I would do or like to see if I had control over this situation is have the government realize that this method of disease control is not effective and has many scary side effects that should be listed on their government websites. As well as getting this spray disproved from the FDA and have it no longer used in America just like this way of using pesticides and the chemical naled is not allowed in other countries such as the European union.

The negative situations and problems that come form this spray do not compensate for the good, the government need to realize what is better for us and what will benefit us and not hurt us and that is why I support that spraying mosquitos is not an effective way to deal with the zika virus.


Aerial Spraying on Mosquitos Not Effective

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Even though the days are getting less warmer mosquitos are still coming out and carrying dangerous viruses,  the government has recently decided to manage this factor with aerial spraying over infected areas with a chemical called naled. Opponents believe that aerial spraying mosquitos is not an effective way to deal with the zika virus because the chemicals in the spray are extremely hazardous.

The chemical naled is used to kill the mosquitos along with other insects, because of how toxic this chemical is there is only a need of small amounts when making a solution to spray. A Reason why this chemical is dangerous even for a worker who is making a solution using naled is listed on this government website “Naled can cause cholinesterase inhibition in humans; that is, it can overstimulate the nervous system causing nausea, dizziness, confusion, and at very high exposures (e.g., accidents or major spills), respiratory paralysis and death.” The risk factor of dying when dealing with this chemical is there.

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Spraying of this chemical is not effective because it also kills the bees, bees already being an endangered insect can not have the risk of getting sprayed with naled due to there low population rate already. This aerial spray conducted at night to assure that the least amount of bees are killed during a spraying is extremely not effective since Flowertown Bee Farm and Supply in Summerville, South Carolina “lost 46 beehives — more than 3 million bees — in mere minutes after the spraying began Sunday morning.” This CNN article reveals the horrible facts of what dangerous power naled spray holds when being sprayed over towns and cities to lower the rate of zika virus holding mosquitos.

This spray can also be poisonous to our plants “University of California researchers showed that naled treatment caused brown lesions in celery and bronzing of strawberries.” This spray being used over food that we consume does not do us any good. If it is hurting the fragile plants and food we put it on then how will it not affect our fragile insides of our bodies?

With that being said naled also effects humans, “according to the Florida Department of Health, ‘it could cause a person to salivate more, feel numbness, headaches, dizziness, tremors, nausea, abdominal cramps, sweating, blurred vision, difficulty breathing and a slowed heartbeat.” This information from a  News source does not fail to mention the harm and effects it can have on your body even when it is only being lightly misted over the infected area.

Along with all the hazardous issues this way of spraying mosquitos is not effective because “experts argue whether or not spraying campaigns are even effective in diminishing mosquito populations, particularly because the insects can live indoors or in small, enclosed areas where spray wouldn’t necessarily reach.” This excerpt from the same source above states how useless spraying an infected area if the mosquitos are not effected by the chemicals but effect the other insects around. This method of containing the pika virus is not effective because of how dangerous it is.

Aerial Spraying Mosquitos, A Key Component

Aerial spraying is a method that is used to spray liquids over large plains of land via airplane. A liquid called naled is loaded into an aircraft so it can be lightly misted over the infected area. The U.S. federal government and state governments support and supply naled pesticide spray for the mosquitos because naled assist in decreasing the rate of zika virus carrying mosquitos helping to suppress the outbreak.

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The method of using naled from an airplane has been around since the 1950s, when it was used tremendously and was popular to use and it is not going to change now when it can help change the world.

In the past during outbreaks of diseases from mosquitos the government has used naled to fight back and or that reason we know that it works very well and effectively. “Aerial spraying is used as part of an integrated mosquito control program to quickly reduce the number of mosquitoes responsible for infecting people with viruses like Zika, dengue, or chikungunya.” From this quote from the Centers for disease control and prevention website you can see that this method has worked to control past outbreaks from dengue and chikungunya so it does work to decrease mosquitos.

On the same website it mentions that “Aerial treatment of areas with products that rapidly reduce both young and adult mosquitoes can help to limit the number of mosquitoes that carry the Zika virus. Repeated aerial applications of insecticide has reduced mosquito populations as a part of an integrated mosquito management program.” This statement supports that the spraying of the mosquitos is a effective way to get rid of zika virus carrying mosquitos.

This is why Florida just sprayed infected areas in their state with this pesticide so there can be a reduction of mosquitos carrying the virus. Florida has used the spray in their state before “In 2014, almost 6 million acres of land in Florida was aerial sprayed with Naled by mosquito control programs.” There is only positive implements that come from spraying this pesticide in order to keep americans safe.

Another supporting fact the website states is that this method is one of many that officials could use to help decrease the virus but this method is one that can tremendously reduce the population of mosquitos carrying the virus in vast areas. The zika virus increasingly spreading to new towns and cities need this treatment because it is fast working and gets what needs to be done in a quick amount of time with fast results.

This method is the quickest and is safe to use so there is no reason why it should not be used to control such an effective virus that could give Americans so many problems down the line in life. The government supports this method there for it is safe as well as it is FDA approved.