Awareness Poster


Unknown-4.jpegImage From Google Images

I created my poster to promote not traveling to zika-infested areas, specifically encouraging women between the ages eighteen and thirty five who are in the childbearing age range to not travel to those areas because their health and future child’s health is put into great risk.

This poster has shocking detailed imagery that shows the effects of microcephaly which could happen to your child. This is only just an illustration, but if you had a child that is effected by microcephaly you would noticeably see that they have a much smaller head where their brain would be. This photo not only has a side by side of the an effected child and the none effected child, there is also a dotted circle that creates an empty white space of where there head is supposed to be at and where it is. This points out the conditions in a very noticeable way. The babies faces in the illustration are not expressing a happy or sad emotion in the photo, they just have closed eyes as if they’re sleeping, showing their innocents in this situation that they are born with. This shows the harsh reality of what could happen in a very alarming and blunt, not traveling to infected areas can protect them and their innocents so they can be more healthy.

Now this poster is also color correlated to its self to show whom is reading that there is direction and safety. All images in this poster are white contrasting to the other colors in this poster so if you were not to read anything but one word you could see the that this poster has to do with microcephaly, traveling and misquotes since zika virus is such a hot topic people will be able to apply that as well. Now for the wording in this poster it is all black, any information given on this poster is in black to show its seriousness of the words and to make locating the information easier. The background color of this poster is a bright eye catching yellow color that fuses into a warm orange tone because zika virus mosquitos are mostly found in warm climates and warmer colors give a feel of a more intense situation rather then cool tones that give a calming feeling.

I created this poster to give awareness to women of childbearing age so they know the risk they are taking when they travel to zika virus infested places. The word attention in caps and all black surrounded by white makes it stand out so it can pop out and catch a person’s eye bringing attention to the poster. The airplanes at the bottom shows the viewer that it is not only close destinations but ones far, where you would have to take plane.

My creation is meant to spread knowledge to women of children having ages, the risks they take when they travel to zika virus infested areas, not traveling will increase the health and safety of their future children and traveling to those areas may create a huge health risk for them and especially there future children that will last a life time.


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